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Laminating Film A4 Size 125 microns


A4 Size 125 microns

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Product Description


This product is extensively used on protecting and sealing of ID cards, licenses, business licenses, passes, riving Licenses, representative cards, name cards, menu, visiting cards, photo, pictures and other card materials.

Tincture: It has many advantages, such as water-proof, obit-ration proof, moth proof, molding proof corrosion resistant, easy to washing, clear and transparency, well-pressed and so on .

Dimension: 11.25″ x 9″

Thickness:  125 microns

Appearance: Transparent, Matte

Price: 9.00 / piece

Shipping Fee: According to your orders

For inquiries and volume order call us @ 288.1410 and look for Ms. Hasmin Caya


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