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  • All items has an ALLOWABLE WARRANTY REPLACEMENT (Outright Replacement).

    Change item for USED and BRAND NEW can be made within 7 days from the date of purchase (excluding Sundays). If a sudden PRICE DROP occurred within the 7-day period, PRICE of the item purchased will be based on the CURRENT MARKET PRICE.

    If a PRICE INCREASE occurred, computation will be based on the ACTUAL AMOUNT PURCHASED. Outright replacement can be made if the item/s has no damage, good as brand new (for brand new items), with complete accessories/peripherals and packaging, NO receipt and NO warranty sticker, NO replacement.

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    Due to copyright on software’s, we will not be held liable for units seized or confiscated by authorities due to unlicensed software.

    We also not allowed to install illegal or pirated operating system, or operating system that is not purchased in our company.

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