Bysoftgraphix Student Guard (BSG)

school-and-students-2Are your looking for the best student tracking solution?
BSG Student Guard Attendance Management System
Enables tracking Student using RFID based student attendance system. Now parents can be informed, by sending message that their kids have safely arrived or left school gates.

Arriving:  Each student wears a tag with unique ID. When he/she enter the gate, reader nearby detect tag ID immediately and upload information to system to inform his/her parents via SMS and Email.

Leaving:  When student leave school, the reader nearby detect tag ID immediately and upload information to system to inform his/her parents via SMS and Email.

Student attendance checking
Students don’t have to stop in queue, to slide card one by one. The system automatically records all attendance information. Builds a unique user-friendly messaging system, Teachers and parents can communicate conveniently.

There is no worry for parents about his/here school going child, BSG Student Guard takes care of your children, it sends an automatic SMS while you child reaching in /exit from school. How it works – each student wears our provided sophisticated RFID Card with unique ID when he/she enter/exist from school our smart reader automatically read and send the SMS to parent using our central server internally for security point of view.

  • Automated RFID Attendance System, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, attendance shortage analysis, attendance count in mark sheet (SMS / Email / Online / Push Message / Notifications to parents )
  • Parents benefits SMS and Email alerts for all important events
  • Access to daily record of their children
  • Better interactions with institute management and parents
  • Easy access to any kind of information related institutions


Why BSG Student Guard?
RFID IDENTITY CARD, Total safety of your child. Creates a user-friendly messaging system. Simple and easy to use software. Prevent bunking and loitering. 100% accuracy in attendance. Zero irregularities in the attendance process. Improves student attendance ratios. Reduce use of paper a green initiative. Guardians and teachers can communicate conveniently and efficiently.

How BSG Student Guard works?
BSG RFID reader will be installed on every gate of a school. Every student would be issued an RFID Card,
Each ID card has unique ID and contact information, When a student comes in the vicinity of RFID reader
the ID and contact information will be stored in the platform. As soon as the student enters or leaves the school, the RFID reader will automatically detect the card and send a SMS to his/ her parents.