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Was established in 2010 as IT solution and Web Designing company. But the time goes by,
Bysoftgraphix widen their services and added corporate giveaways, printing services and advertising.

provides the customers with a complete line of services from printing tarpaulins, large
format, textile and garments. From graphic artwork designers, to the final artwork approval, color
separation and making silk screen printing, to developing the printing screen and color mixing.

presently utilizes the internet with its www.bysoftgraphix.com website to market and reach
more customers and answers more inquiries, efficiently through emails. Bysoftgraphix thus far, has
tapped on customers who realize that time is money and have responded and supplied quite a few
customers without seeing the customers. From inquiries to the finalization of drawing, selection of
garment, order payments are all done on line.

With Bysoftgraphix ongoing growth and expansion of freelance network marketers/distributors,
Bysoftgraphix has gained more exposure to potential commercial and institutional customers and has
made many contacts with large corporations in providing company uniforms, giveaways and
promotional items. Bysoftgraphix also has the experience in outsourcing Direct China made products to
cater to our customer’s large volume demands.

Call Us Today! @ 288.2410 / 0933.785.0020 ~or~ email us team@bysoftgraphix.com

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